The Respeggt label – taking responsibility

Many people simply talk about
the importance of responsibility,
we do it.

The Respeggt label guarantees that no day-old male chicks are culled during the production of Respeggt table eggs and Respeggt foodstuffs. This certification is a testament to our unwavering commitment to animal welfare and sustainability.

Together, we aim to pave the way for a food industry that is not only successful but also conscious of its impact on the environment and society.

This label means that we are contributing in yet another way to ending chick culling. All foodstuffs that bear the heart-shaped Respeggt label represent a more ethical and transparent supply chain in egg production. With the help of our heart-shaped Respeggt label, you can easily find these foodstuffs in your supermarket.

Look for products bearing the Respeggt label on store shelves

What’s behind the Respeggt label?

Every year, several billion male chicks of egg-laying chicken breeds are culled worldwide because they do not lay eggs and because fattening them is economically unviable. In Europe alone, around 330 million day-old male chicks are culled each year. Respeggt has developed a technological solution for ending chick culling. Through both the process of in-ovo sexing and supply chain verification, Respeggt provides efficient and sustainable services for implementing supply chains in the egg industry that are free of chick culling.

Our requirements

  • No male or female chicks may be culled during hatching and/or the rearing process.
  • All employees must know and follow the Respeggt requirements for hatching eggs/chicks/laying hens/eggs/egg products.
  • The Respeggt hatching eggs/chicks/laying hens/eggs/egg products must be permanently separated from conventional hatching eggs/chicks/laying hens/eggs/egg products.

  • Employees of Respeggt group may visit the rearing/laying farm at any time.
  • All documents, delivery notes, etc. are to be marked with “Respeggt – Free of Chick Culling”.

  • The Respeggt supply chain verification can be applied to supply chains that are “Free of Chick Culling” attributable to
    – in-ovo sexing using the Respeggt process,
    – in-ovo sexing using the PLANTegg process,
    – in-ovo sexing using the In Ovo process.

All requirements are defined in our System Manual.

How we guarantee
our promise

To guarantee the promise “Free of Chick Culling”, Respeggt has developed a blockchain-based Supply Chain Monitoring System (SCMS). All female laying hen chicks that hatch under one of the solutions provided by Respeggt are called Respeggt chicks.

These Respeggt chicks are tracked during their complete life cycle from the hatchery through the rearing farm until the laying hen farm. By entering the producer code on the egg into the search function on our website, anyone can check whether an egg really is a Respeggt egg. This process is additionally verified by mystery shoppers, incoming goods inspectors and consumers.

Eggs with the heart-shaped Respeggt label on their packaging will always have come from a Respeggt laying hen.

So-called mass balance or book and claim approaches (aka certificate trading) are prohibited in the Respeggt supply chain verification.


  • Ask in store for Respeggt products to ensure that they are listed.
  • Find and check producer codes on eggs.

Respeggt controls the supply chain from the hatchery to the final product, and egg boxes and food packaging containing eggs from these supply chains may then display the heart-shaped Respeggt label. This ensures that the added value of “Free of Chick Culling” can be guaranteed to consumers.