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28 November 2023

Hatchery A.C. Weiss installs Respeggt technology

Press release on the cooperation with hatchery A.C. Weiss GmbH & Co.KG

In this press release we inform you about our new cooperation with hatchery A.C. Weiss in Germany. We are very pleased that A.C. Weiss, a family-run hatchery in South Germany, has decided to purchase a Respeggt set in order to be able to offer chicks “Free of Chick Culling” for the German, Swiss, Austrian and Italian market.

25 October 2023

LOHMANN Deutschland and Respeggt are expanding their collaboration

Press release on the cooperation with LOHMANN Deutschland

In this press release we inform you about our expanded cooperation with LOHMANN Deutschland. We are very pleased that LOHMANN has decided to purchase another Respeggt system for the Ankum location and thus expand its in-ovo sexing capacities with Respeggt.

16 June 2023

Change of German legislation

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) modified the existing legal regulation regarding the culling of chicks in Germany. Up from the 1st of January 2024 in-ovo sexing can be performed until day 12 of the incubation process. The latest research done by the Technical University of Munich on how chicken embryos feel pain has been recognized. The legal framework for the legislation on chick culling in Germany now provides planning protection for the egg industry.

15 June 2023

Closing of Zeewolde hatchery

This week the last in-ovo sexing of our team took place at the hatchery Verbeek in Zeewolde, the Netherlands. The hatchery will be closed due to the location having a very high incidence of avian influenza.

We would like to thank our local team for their hard work and enthusiasm and look forward to continuing to work with them at other sites. We also want to thank the team of Verbeek for being one of the leaders in in-ovo sexing in the Netherlands and for trusting in our technology as one of the first hatcheries in 2021.

10 May 2023

Steinsland & Co and respeggt start cooperation in Norway

We are pleased to inform you in this press release about our cooperation with the Norwegian hatchery Steinsland & Co in Bryne, Norway.
Steinsland & Co is now the first Scandinavian hatchery to install in-ovo sexing technology. Find our press release below. 

4 May 2023

New respeggt System Manual online

We would like to inform you about the update of our respeggt System Manual. Changed conditions as well as internal changes have required minor adjustments in our requirements. We hope that with this System Manual we can continue to offer an up-to-date and reliable solution to end chick culling. You can find the new System Manual on our website or you can download it right here.

11 February 2023

Arme Brüder – Article in DER SPIEGEL

In the German weekly magazine DER SPIEGEL issue no. 7 published on 11 February 2023, author Julia Koch took an up-to-date look at the ban on chick culling in Germany, explained current procedures of gender identification in the hatching egg and pointed out the changes in the poultry market that can be observed in Germany and Europe as a result of the law.

22 November 2022

Duits dilemma rondom eendagshaantjes – Article in NIEUWE OOGST

In the online edition of the magazine NIEUWE OOGS, John Lamers has outlined Germany’s difficult situation in phasing out chick-culling with regard to the tightening of the law as of 2024 and has spoken to our colleagues at EuroTier 2022 about this.

In the article, the currently discussed scenarios and alternatives are examined against the backdrop of economic efficiency and sustainability. The author also points to the possible re-evaluation of the existing Animal Welfare Act in 2023, based on potential new scientific findings on the pain perception of the chicken embryo in the hatching egg.

21 November 2022

EuroTier 2022 in Hanover

From 15.11.2022 to 18.11.2022, respeggt participated at EuroTier 2022 and presented its key products and services at their own booth.

With an interactive 3D model of the latest SELEGGT Circuit, SELEGGT Lab and SELEGGT Sorter as well as the respeggt supply chain, visitors of the trade fair could vividly experience the gender identification in the hatching egg with the SELEGGT method and the respeggt supply chain verification with the respeggt heart shaped logo.

9 November 2022

Support in case of avian influenza

We would like to update you on the latest change in the respeggt system regarding the handling of avian influenza.

12 October 2022

Ceres Award 2022 – Presentation of the Award at the Night of Agriculture in Berlin

On 12 October, the Ceres Award 2022 was presented in a festive gala evening at the Zoo Palast in Berlin. This year, the award in the main category “Farmer of the Year 2022”, endowed with 20,000 euros, goes to Benedikt Bösel, who convinced the jury with his innovative and forward-looking farm concept in Brandenburg, Germany. As category sponsor, we are also particularly pleased about the winner of the category “Poultry farmer of the year 2022”, Holger Hogt, who also keeps respeggt hens on his laying hen farm. Congratulations to all winners and all the best for the future!

September 2022

Solutions and Implementation of Ending Chick Culling in Germany – aviNews

Our colleague Dr. Ana E. Blanco, Head of Supply Chain Management at respeggt reports in a technical article in aviNews magazine about solutions and implementation of ending chick culling in Germany.

30 September 2022

Change of shareholders at respeggt

We are pleased to inform you that as of today HatchTech Group will take over REWE Group’s 50% share in SELEGGT GmbH and respeggt GmbH. As a result, HatchTech will become the sole shareholder of both companies.

This agreement will enable SELEGGT and respeggt to accelerate their international growth by taking advantage of HatchTech’s global network.

9 September 2022

geflü visits LOHMANN Deutschland in Ankum

In a dialogue interview, Tobias Ferling, Managing Director of LOHMANN Deutschland GmbH and Dr Ludger Breloh, Managing Director of respeggt GmbH talk about the new cooperation between the two companies, about sustainability, the challenges of Germany as a business location and about the possibilities of applying the SELEGGT process in the organic sector.

6 September 2022

Hatching of the first respeggt chicks determined in Germany!

After only a four-week installation phase at LOHMANN Deutschland’s hatchery in Ankum, the first 60,000 hatching eggs were successfully sexed with the SELEGGT circuit.

The resulting female chicks will lay respeggt eggs after rearing.

2 September 2022

UK retailers blocking moves to end the killing of day-old male chicks – The Guardian article on respeggt and SELEGGT

The Guardian Aktikel by Tom Ambrose about the legal ban on chick culling in UK und Europe

In a detailed The Guardian online article, Tom Ambrose reports on the issue of chick culling in the EU, the solutions available in France and Germany, and the political challenges of the issue in the UK.

28 July 2022

Changes in the respeggt business model

We would like to update you on the recent changes in the respeggt system. These changes are the result of market developments, technological advances and respeggt’s constant efforts to keep the risks and barriers to entry as low as possible for all system partners.

Here you can find out about all the changes that will be implemented with immediate effect for all new orders received after 01.08.2022.

21 July 2022

Piep? – German DIE ZEIT reports on SELEGGT

DIE ZEIT article by Merlind Theile about the SELEGGT process

In a detailed article for DIE ZEIT, Merlind Theile comprehensively summarized the current state of the ban on chick culling in Germany and Europe and differentiated the challenges on the way to a European solution.

12 July 2022

Verbeek Broederij BV installs second SELEGGT Circuit

Press release on the capacity expansion at Verbeek Broederij BV

We are happy to inform you in this press release about the installation of a second SELEGGT Circuit at Verbeek Broederij BV. We are very pleased that Verbeek has decided to double its in-ovo sexing capacity with SELEGGT. This step shows that we have been able to prove our practicality.

6 July 2022

How sex selection technology is transforming the egg industry – Poultry News reports on SELEGGT and respeggt

Poultry News article by Chloe Ryan on gender identification thechnologies in the hatching egg

In the online edition of Poultry News magazine, Chloe Ryan reports on current technologies for in ovo gender identification of hatching eggs describing the SELEGGT process and respeggt’s service. The article was also published in print in Poultry Business magazine.

6 July 2022

LOHMANN Deutschland and respeggt start cooperation

Press release on the cooperation with LOHMANN Deutschland

We are pleased to inform you in this press release about our new cooperation with LOHMANN Deutschland.
We are looking forward to operating the SELEGGT process on German soil for the first time and thus, expanding the range of solutions to end chick culling in Germany. Despite the political uncertainties in Germany from 2024 onwards, we have decided that this step is now right and important for the laying hen industry.

2 July 2022

Hähne oder Ei? – FOCUS magazine reports on SELEGGT

FOCUS article by Alina Reichhardt about SELEGGT

In a comprehensive report in the July issue of FOCUS magazine, Alina Reichhardt examined the issue of chick killing, its solutions and the political situation in Germany and Europe and described the different perspectives.

20 January 2022

Newsletter no. 1/2022

Early in-ovo sexing processes with respeggt supply chain verification.

10 December 2021

Changes and system adjustments at respeggt group.

11-13 October 2021

Thinking outside the egg box – how to offer the added value of our “Free of Chick Culling” label for egg products. Keynote address at the Anuga @home 2021 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 4 p.m. on the Product Stage. We look forward to meeting you at our virtual booth at the fair!

Additional information for foodstuff producers

12 August 2021

Europe’s largest laying hen hatchery Verbeek’s Broederij B.V. implements in-ovo sexing with respeggt group to end chick culling.

11 August 2021

The heart-shaped respeggt label is a finalist!
We are proud to be among the nominees for the German Sustainability Award Design 2022 for our heart-shaped respeggt label. We wish all the nominees success and look forward to competing together.

See the list of nominees

7 June 2021

First brood of female respeggt chicks in France!
We have set up a respeggt Sexing Unit at the hatchery Novoponte, where we carry out gender identification in the hatching egg. Read the French press release below.

3 December 2020

SELEGGT Circulus wins silver medal! Our SELEGGT Circulus technology for gender identification in the hatching egg was awarded a silver medal at the EuroTier 2021 Innovation Awards.