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Respeggt partners

“Free of Chick Culling” is what we, at Respeggt, promise.

Our contribution to “Free of Chick Culling” is our innovative process of in-ovo sexing using the Respeggt technology that we provide for laying hen hatcheries.
Additionally, we offer the heart-shaped Respeggt label that makes our promise visible to consumers for the packaging of both eggs and processed foodstuffs (muffins, pasta, mayonnaise, egg liqueur, etc.).

5 cents

compensation per
Respeggt laying hen

For the complete Respeggt Supply Chain Verification, the laying hen farm receives 5 cents per Respeggt laying hen housed as compensation from Respeggt if the Respeggt technology was used to end chick culling.

To enable all Respeggt partners in the supply chain to end chick culling as easily as possible, Respeggt offers two services:

1. in-ovo sexing. Respeggt installs the Respeggt technology in hatcheries either by selling or leasing the technology. Additionally the hatchery pays a fixed price per analysis.

2. Supply Chain Verification. Respeggt controls the supply chain from the hatchery to the egg carton or food packaging and ensures that the added value of ” Free of Chick Culling ” can be guaranteed to consumers.

Please see our Respeggt System Manual for further information about the Supply Chain Verification.

From hen to supermarket: controlling the complete supply chain.

Foodstuffs are usually only controlled by certified regulators at the specific levels of the supply chain that match the product promise of the producer.

To guarantee the promise “Free of Chick Culling” in the most comprehensive way possible, Respeggt has specifically developed a blockchain-based Supply Chain Monitoring System (SCMS). In contrast to the typical certification process, this blockchain technology provides a neutral platform that makes it possible to control the supply chain right from the beginning, thus ensuring that each step is transparent and traceable.
Additionally, all members of the supply chain are obliged to enter specific data into our system relating to the process of in-ovo sexing, the hatching of the chicks and their 17 weeks of rearing, the rearing of the laying hens as well as the handling of the Respeggt eggs. This decentralized data is automatically encrypted. Through increased transparency, this process provides a tamper-proof guarantee for our promise.

We can thus guarantee that all the principles of our Respeggt promise are honoured throughout the entire supply chain. It is therefore easy to identify Respeggt eggs that bear our heart-shaped Respeggt label and be completely certain that no chicks were killed during their production.

We take pride in our Respeggt partners.

The following partners are verified by Respeggt and enable the use of the Respeggt label on food products:

Packing centres
Egg processing plants
Foodstuff producers

Become a
part of
the Respeggt system.

The Respeggt system

Are you interested in becoming a Respeggt partner? For this, we recommend you first read our Respeggt System Manual to become acquainted with our requirements. The System Manual defines the binding rules for securing, verifying and implementing the Respeggt process throughout the Respeggt supply chains.

The Respeggt posters

Are you a new Respeggt partner that would like to inform your employees about our Respeggt requirements? Download our posters here to display the Respeggt rules for hatcheries, rearing farms, laying hen farms, packing centres and egg processing plants.

The Respeggt barn sign

You can use the Respeggt barn sign (A4 size) to identify your barns that house Respeggt birds.

Information material

If you, your customers or your employees would like additional information material, we will happily provide you with printed flyers, posters or similar material. Please feel free to contact us at

If you have any questions about our Respeggt system and/or would like to know more about our system, please contact us at or consult our FAQs.

1. How do I become a Respeggt partner?2024-03-01T11:10:24+01:00

We are delighted that you want to join us in our efforts to end chick culling. Please read our Respeggt System Manual for further information on our requirements. Once you have read the System Manual, please contact us at and we will support you in becoming a Respeggt system partner. We look forward to receiving your request!

2. What are the advantages of Respeggt Supply Chain Verification?2024-02-29T14:55:19+01:00

Respeggt guarantees the added value “Free of Chick Culling” in every step of the supply chain – from the hatching of the chicks to the table eggs or foodstuffs in the supermarket. This provides a strong selling point to consumers and helps convince them to pay slightly more for a “Free of Chick Culling” product.

3. What does Respeggt Supply Chain Verification cost?2024-04-02T17:38:18+02:00

Respeggt does not charge any costs for the Supply Chain Verification – either to the laying hen farm, the hatchery, the rearing farm or the egg packing centre – if the in-ovo sexing technology of Respeggt was applied in the hatchery. This is because the costs are already included in the price for in-ovo sexing for the hatchery.

On the contrary, after successful completion of the Supply Chain Verification in the 50th week of life of the respeggt laying hens, the laying hen farm receives an expense allowance of EUR 0.05 per housed respeggt laying hen directly from Respeggt if the Respeggt technology was used in the supply chain.

If in-ovo sexing was carried out in the hatching egg using the PLANTegg or In Ovo process, Respeggt charges EUR 0.09 per hatched female chick. The price is charged directly to the hatcheries. In addition, the costs of EUR 0.09 are capped at a maximum of EUR 5,000 for large flocks.

4. Where can I get Respeggt chicks or Respeggt pullets?2024-02-29T14:57:55+01:00

The Respeggt-approved processes of in-ovo sexing are currently used exclusively in Central Europe. Respeggt chicks/young pullets can be ordered directly from the layer hatcheries. Find a list of these here.

5. When may I use the heart-shaped Respeggt label?2024-03-01T14:30:45+01:00

Fresh eggs and processed foodstuffs may be marked with the heart-shaped Respeggt label on their packaging if:

  • the packaging design has been approved by Respeggt,
  • the eggs come from a Respeggt supply chain (which is proven by the packing centre/laying hen farm through the Respeggt certificate for each laying hen flock),
  • the verification of the producer codes on the (processed) eggs on our website confirms the authenticity of the Respeggt eggs.
6. How can consumers check whether their eggs are Respeggt eggs?2024-02-29T15:49:26+01:00

Consumers can search for the producer code on the landing page of our website On our website, consumers and Respeggt partners can enter the producer code that is printed on the Respeggt egg and thereby check whether the egg really comes from a Respeggt flock. In addition, they can see which solution was applied to ensure the added value of “Free of Chick Culling” through the following message: “Free of Chick Culling” thanks to in-ovo sexing using the Respeggt/PLANTegg/In Ovo technology. This offers consumers a high level of transparency and a high degree of safety in terms of the product promise.

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