The heart-shaped respeggt label is our promise: “Free of Chick Culling”. Since we control the complete supply chain, we can guarantee that all those products bearing the heart-shaped respeggt label fulfil our high respeggt requirements.

Every year worldwide

about 6 billion

male chicks are killed directly after hatching during egg production.

This is because cockerels don’t lay eggs and cockerels of egg-laying breeds gain less meat than typical broiler races. Chick culling is a worldwide phenomenon that poses an ethical dilemma for society. At respeggt, we have been researching this phenomenon for many years, seeking solutions that put an end to chick culling.

And we have found this solution. We are now able to avoid chick culling by using different processes of gender identification in the hatching egg that fulfil our high respeggt requirements. When you see the heart-shaped respeggt label “Free of Chick Culling” on egg boxes and foodstuffs, you can be sure that one of these processes has been applied.

Eggs that are “Free of Chick Culling”? Yes, it’s possible!

Since we control the complete supply chain from the hatchery to the packing centre, you can simply check our website to see whether your eggs really come from a respeggt laying hen and which solution has been applied to avoid chick culling.

Does your egg really come from one of our respeggt laying hens?
Check for yourself!

respeggt at a glance

By using modern blockchain technologies that transmit data sets in a transparent and tamper-proof manner, we can ensure that all the principles of our respeggt promise are respected throughout the supply chain. You can easily identify respeggt eggs that bear our heart-shaped respeggt label and be completely sure that no chicks were killed during their production.