Respeggt does not charge any costs for the Supply Chain Verification – either to the laying hen farm, the hatchery, the rearing farm or the egg packing centre – if the in-ovo sexing technology of Respeggt was applied in the hatchery. This is because the costs are already included in the price for in-ovo sexing for the hatchery.

On the contrary, after successful completion of the Supply Chain Verification in the 50th week of life of the respeggt laying hens, the laying hen farm receives an expense allowance of EUR 0.05 per housed respeggt laying hen directly from Respeggt if the Respeggt technology was used in the supply chain.

If in-ovo sexing was carried out in the hatching egg using the PLANTegg or In Ovo process, Respeggt charges EUR 0.09 per hatched female chick. The price is charged directly to the hatcheries. In addition, the costs of EUR 0.09 are capped at a maximum of EUR 5,000 for large flocks.